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How can article writing help with internet marketing? It is an easy method to get both short term traffic and long term traffic to your website, and it benefits you both in that you'll get quick exposure and links which of course benefits you in terms of generating traffic from search engines.

All you have to do is write and submit articles to article directory sites such as this one. If there is anything you would like to know that we have not covered, please contact our Free Internet Directory team.



A search engine marketing firm focused upon the SME market.

Too often a fledgling organisation will commit a large budget to developing an impressive web presence whilst not realising that presence alone is no guarantee of a successful website. Equally important to a productive website is the notion of web 'visibility'. Without visibility the beautiful piece of marketing art that is your web presence, regardless of how talented the web designers or how clever your marketing consultants, is worthless.

Without the skills of an internet marketer a website is unlikely to be featured highly in search engine results. A professional search engine marketing firm will be able to boost your 'organic' search engine traffic but this is not the required result. The only truly valuable traffic is that which ends in a sale. This is known as 'conversion' a search engine marketing firm will be able to supply you with web analytics that demonstrate the behaviour of your visitors in order to optimise your website for improved conversion rate.

Most people presume SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to be the same as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), this is an incorrect assumption.  SEO is but one process in the SEM life-cycle, a search engine marketer not only knows how to perform SEO but how to interpret the resulting traffic. Utilising web analytics, a search engine marketting firm can track where, when and how your visitors came to your site and what they did once they arrived there.

The SEM world changes almost daily as search engines change algorithms, new traffic sources are opened up and consumer trends emerge. Because of this SEM should not be seen as a once only event, your site will need constant monitoring and improvement to maintain rankings and pull targeted traffic with a high conversion ratio.

Add URL is a search engine marketing firm dedicated to supplying high quality services to the small and medium enterprise. Our commitment to our clients is total, we will not use so called 'black hat' techniques that will bring short term boosts to SERP rankings but inevitably end with your website being blacklisted. Instead we offer rock solid 'white hat' SEO and web analytics, our techniques are designed to build traffic and SERP rank steadily over time whilst making sure your site is optimised to make as many conversions as possible.

There is an old saying in the accounting industry which fits very well with current day internet marketing.

Turnover is for Vanity, Profit is for Sanity



For more information regarding the old Add-a-url please contact them directly at addaurl@googlemail.com